Fresh news! (and a story)

As you just saw on the main page, Food Plus is being rewritten for the latest Minecraft version at this moment. Why? You may ask. Well, here's the explanation I think you all deserve -sorry if there's something wrong, I'm incredibly rusty with English right now-:

During the initial development of Food Plus, I was very excited of every single line of code I was writing and I was loving to see how you all, the Minecraft Forum community, were enjoying the mod.

I put a lot of hours into this project every day, trying to improve and learn as much as I can -remember, I didn't know a bit of programming when I started this-. I really think I created cool stuff; nothing as cool as other food mods of course, but cool enough for me as a new modder and player. I enjoyed releasing new versions with lots of new content.

I'm not gonna lie or hide things; I'd like you to know that the -little- ammount of money reported me during the development was crucial for me, as it helped me a little bit to pay the Internet bill and continue with Food Plus.

Well, that's the *beautiful* part of the story. Let's continue:

As I said, I always put a lot of effort and time each and every single day to make this project. So much, that I could spend easily 4 or 5 hours a day just for adding simple-ish things to the mod. I couldn't keep my "life" and the mod at the same time, so everything changed when I wanted to realize that this mod was consuming almost all of my time. After that "revelation", everytime I opened the program I use to develop the mod, I was less and less passionated about the idea of keeping it alive. On top of that, the last straw that broke the camel's back was the massive Minecraft (and Forge) 1.8 update, which completely broke my mod.

Some months after that "revelation", and at the end of the summer, I decided to "pause" the project, as I wanted to give all the possible time to my studies. Now, two years later, and at the end of another summer, I'm going to start another studies. The're like the continuation of the previous, and they're two years of length as well...

But that's now why you are reading this text -or yes, I don't know-. You are reading this because Food Plus, a mod that maybe you used to play, is back. At first, it won't have all the cool things the latest version had or even have lots of things. That's because I'm rewriting it with lots patience, to learn as much as possible. And, to make sure this time I won't suspend the mod, I won't have any ETAs. I'll just code the mod in my spare time, as a hobby, and if I feel like it's time to release a version, I will.

For the moment, you'll have that lovely progress bar inside the main page, which will show my progress for the "first version" of the revamped Food Plus. Thaks you all for commenting on the forum and keep it live when I couldn't.


For the next update: 1.10.2-1.0

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